Musical Instruments

Arts + Craft


AM sessions are from 

9:30am - Noon

PM sessions are from 

Noon - 3pm

Each session includes a choice of ad-hoc activities.

Breakfast is served with the AM session. Lunch is served with the PM session.

Jewellery Making



AM session: Sensory Activities

PM session: Art & Craft


AM session: Jewellery Making

​PM session: Bingo ​​


Price may vary depending on service users assessed need​​s and activities are priced individually.

Dance + Excercise

Geared towards improving motor skills and coordination. Music enhances positive feelings and ultimately increases well-being, allowing participants to partake in a very social activity that involves communication, sharing, and listening.

1a Cargreen Road

A multi-sensory experience for the service users. Allowing them to smell, taste and experience the textures involved in cooking. Not only does this give an opportunity to improve motor skills this activity also increases independence in the kitchen as well as opportunity to learn how to eat healthy. 

An enjoyable way to keep fit, we instruct simple choreography which includes some primal movement patterns, popular dances, and freestyle. The session is divided into tracks including known group-dance songs that make exercise easy.


Crawford Tenants Hall

Our jewellery making classes hold a focus on hand eye co-ordination,  patience and decision-making. Service users will work with beads, string and other embellishments to create wearable art.

Promoting well-being

creating connections

Community Walks

Promoting creativity and decision making whiles encouraging motor skills and choice, the Art and Crafts session allows one to express themselves through various different mediums and projects. 



​Experience the local community. With this activity we are promoting awareness that will give service users the confidence to walk and explore safely. Walking will improve health by strengthening your heart; reducing stress; boosting immune system and giving you a chance to think/meditate, which can be a part of a healthy regime.​

Perfect for those with physical and cognitive impairment, our sensory activities focus on visual, hearing and tactile cases. These include a range of activities such as massage, sensory bins, games and environment relaxation.


AM session: Musical Instruments

PM session: Cookery


AM session: Community Walk

PM session: Art & Crafts​​


AM session: Sensory Activities

PM session: Dance & Movement